Heraclitus’ Fragments

The Penguin Classics' edition of Heraclitus' Fragments

Fragments is book #6 from The Literary Project. Heraclitus of Ephesus (535-475 BCE) was heir to the throne of the powerful ancient Greek city (located on the western coast of modern-day Turkey), but chose to abdicate the throne to pursue a life of wisdom instead. “For […]

Greek Lyrics

Greek Lyrics translated by Richmond Lattimore

Greek Lyrics is book #5 from The Literary Project. Greek Lyrics is a collection of poetic fragments that have survived for over 2 millennia. They are, as the name implies, lyric poems that are meant to be sung or spoken together with a lyre. The […]

Meeting Ernest Cline!

Meeting Ernest Cline on his book tour for the Armada paperback release.

April 2016 Ernest Cline is the author of two science fiction novels: Ready Player One and Armada. Ready Player One was both his debut novel and is my favorite of the two. It takes place in a dystopian future, and most of humanity escapes into the virtual world […]